Autumn In Pagoda

We recently took a trip to Reading, PA to ride Mt.Penn and visit the Pagoda, which is a monument intended to be a hotel resort build on a stone quarry […]


Nowhere Fast – Bikepacking The Blue Ridge Parkway

We set out on a 5 day bikepacking adventure on Virginia’s Blue Ridge Parkway. We didn’t have any specific plans but to ride, camp and enjoy the scenic valleys of […]

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2015 Harlem Skyscraper Classic

June 21, 2015 marked the 43 annual “Harlem Skyscraper Classic” road cycling criterium race. It was a high speed 24 lap course with a men’s and women’s field, along with […]


Pre-Race Grocery List For Cyclist

In this video you’ll explore my personal grocery list of food I choose to eat before a race. In fact, all the items you see in this video are foods […]


Fake Oakley Jawbreaker Unboxing

After much debate I decided to take the plunge on Oakley Jawbreaker glasses. However, I only spent $28.00 for them. While some of you may cringe about this, oh well! […]

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Sunday Ride 005

As accustom as I am to the winters here in New York, I’ve slowly grown apart from it’s melancholy and pass my attention to greater ranges of the world where […]