Autumn In Pagoda

We recently took a trip to Reading, PA to ride Mt.Penn and visit the Pagoda, which is a monument intended to be a hotel resort build on a stone quarry […]


Nowhere Fast – Bikepacking The Blue Ridge Parkway

We set out on a 5 day bikepacking adventure on Virginia’s Blue Ridge Parkway. We didn’t have any specific plans but to ride, camp and enjoy the scenic valleys of […]

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2015 Harlem Skyscraper Classic

June 21, 2015 marked the 43 annual “Harlem Skyscraper Classic” road cycling criterium race. It was a high speed 24 lap course with a men’s and women’s field, along with […]


NYC to Woodstock, New York

I’ve been wanting to ride in the Catskill Mountains, bike-a-hike and camp in this region for quite some time. The Catskills out of Woodstock, NY is a special place. Spring, […]

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Surly Orge Bike Check with Mickey Cheng

If there’s anyone who is down to take off for an adventure it’s this guy right here Mickey Cheng. Mickey’s one of the most versatile riders I know. He has […]


Pre-Race Grocery List For Cyclist

In this video you’ll explore my personal grocery list of food I choose to eat before a race. In fact, all the items you see in this video are foods […]