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Colombia Gear Packing List

The best part of bike touring and bikepacking trips is rounding up gear. For me, I take time doing this and usually start a couple weeks before departure. This setup derived from past experience with gear used, over and under packing. For my first international bikepacking trip I packed half the kitchen sink. If you look at my earlier setups dating back to my 2014 first tour, you would know what I’m talking about. We project rainy days riding in the Colombian mountains so rain gear is a must. Mixed with smart wool tech shirts for hot days and my trusted 4 season Akto. I’m happy to say I have everything I need.

All items will be compartmentalized and packed in my Revelate Designs framebag, handlebar bag, saddle bag & Osprey 18L backpack. Smaller items like food and electronics will be stored in waterproof bags and inside another bag which will be mounted to my handlebar system. I’ll do a follow up after our trip on how it performs. Chime in with a comment below if you have questions about this setup. Would love to know what some of you pack for extended international trips.

Riding Gear:
Endura bike shorts
1 smart wool short sleeve
1 smart wool long sleeve
2 smart wool socks
2 underwear
MTB shoes
Rain gear
Helmet/ Cycling cap

Off Bike/ Casual Gear:
Pants x5
Shorts x4
Socks x6
Under x a lot
Sneakers & Shoes

Tent/ Sleeping Bag/ Air Mattress/ Camp Pillow
Water Bottles/ 3L Reservoir
Tools/ 3x Tubes/ Tire/ Lock
Pump/ Patch Kit/ Chain Links & Master Link
Portable Battery Pack x2/ Lithium Batteries
Headlamp/ Bike Lights
Bike Lock (Not Pictured)

Passport/ Driver License/ Travel Insurance
iPhone & Charger/ Headphones (Not Pictured)
Cash/ Credit Card
Travel Docs & Other Paperwork
Camera Gear/ Storage Cards & Extra batteries (Not Pictured)
First Aid

5 Day Minimal Gear Packing List

Last year I brought the entire kitchen sink for a 75-day trip across country. This time around, I’ll be going minimal and wanted to share what I’ve packed for a 5-day bike packing trip on Virginia’s Blue Ridge Parkway.

The Blue Ridge Parkway meanders for 469 miles from Virginia to North Carolina. We’re planning to start East in Lynchburg, VA to Sparta, NC, and hope to cover somewhere around  200 miles. There are several grades especially when traveling from the east, so swapping my platform pedals for clipless pedals is a must. My camera gear would be the heaviest in my arsenal but I look at this as a necessity. Aside from that, this is a very light collective of gear packed for the terrain we’ll be covering.


I’ll also be carrying Voltaic’s V72 battery that will keep my electronics charged throughout this trip.


In terms of food, I’ll be keeping it simple and light with the exception of a couple of cans of beans and corn. Other foods will include pasta, trail mix, small loaf of bread, peanut butter, jam, apples, avocados, a couple packs of ramen and candy.



In addition to my two 21oz water bottles these two 40oz Kleen Kanteens will house my water for the entirety of the trip.


Nights will be spent getting cozy in my REI Radiant 650 down sleeping bag. It’s rated at 20 degrees for 3 seasons. I often find myself keeping it halfway open if not sleeping on top of it during the fall season inside my Akto






Front/Rear Lights

Puff Jacket/Rain
Jersey/ 2 shirts
Cycling shoes/ Sandles

Pump/Tube/Patch kit/Tire levers
Allen key set

Hilieberg Akto Tent
REI Radiant Plus
Sleeping pad


Gear for East to West United States trip

Just a few days away from my trip, here goes a line up of the item’s listed left to right:

Schwalbe marathon folding tire, tripod, camp stove/pot/pan, spork, bowl/ fuel, solar panel, Konovo slide cam, flannel shirt, thermal pants, jeans, bib shorts, Continue Reading →