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Pre-Race Grocery List For Cyclist

In this video you’ll explore my personal grocery list of food I choose to eat before a race. In fact, all the items you see in this video are foods that I eat on a daily basis. Enjoy!

Brands Cycle & Fitness: Goldsprints Roller Race

Our Favorite bike shop Brands Cycle and Fitness threw a Goldsprint Roller Race at their shop. While we didn’t pack the kit for this one, we were able to race and capture some awesome scenes. Enjoy!

Track Or Die NYC: 2015 Winter Alley Cat

The weather was much nicer  out during this year’s Track Or Die NYC Winter Alley Cat than last years brutal 20-degree race. Let that not be mistaken, it was an intense race. Riders were amped up, ready to get out there and hit the streets. Things started off low key and began to grow with riders once we approached the 2:30pm start time. The race was no joke with over 100 riders ready to smash the streets for the first manifest location.

I enjoy the kick off, everyone is hanging out meeting new people, seeing familiar faces and sharing the common thread. Adrenalin begins to kick in and the next thing you know your running around 100 feet to your bike. I started off ok with a location down 72nd street on the Westside, from there everyone rode uptown with traffic on Amsterdam avenue to 150th st. Being familiar with that area theres a big climb after Columbia University to around 130th st. After that checkpoint everyone did a roundabout and starting descending down Amsterdam ave. There was a swarm of riders taking it down the hill through traffic lights, nearly 30mph, fixed gear, brakeless. It’s one of the best moments ever, It’s like sharks passing through fish in the ocean, fast, fierce and aggressive.

Later in the race after clearing all the checkpoints on the first manifest we were required to stow away our phones in the second manifest (envelope). This was for riders to really put their navigation skills to the test. While I would have loved to share more images, all these were shot while racing in between check points and safe but not so safe opportunities to take a photo.


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Autumn In Pagoda: Image Gallery

We recently took a trip to Reading, PA to ride Mt.Penn and visit the Pagoda. Aside from the bone chilling temps and mixed weather, we were able to film and enjoy a beautiful weekend of riding. Stay tuned for the short film covering this adventure.


Sunday Ride 004

A collection of images from our Sunday ride.
Image credit: by Mickey Cheng

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Cycling Tips and Tricks During Group Rides

Group rides are fun and can be very dangerous if you don’t know what your doing. Whether you’re new to cycling, training or out to ride with others for a more social aspect. This video will help you on your next ride. We cover cycle safety, strategies, road awareness and other cycling tactics to keep you clipped in for the whole ride. Check it out!

Manual Pedal Over Portland

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]raveling opens up new wonders of the world and I think, anyone that does has the common thread for adventure and endless possibilities of becoming friends with unknown people.

Some who share similar collections of thoughts, ideas and stories that are deeply rooted within themselves and are relative to the listener. It’s surprising sometimes how people can have so much more in common than they realize.

The “East To West” film was being screened at “Filmed By Bike” in Portland, OR during the weekend of the festival, so we wanted to take full advantage of a trip across the country. Only this time, we boarded Amtrak and it didn’t take 2 ½ months to get there. I think our basic hierarchies of thoughts for a three-day train ride across the country, were how we would sleep, what kinds of people we would meet and what we would eat for three days. Hence, our trip preparations where camp vibes at it’s finniest. We packed the usual PB&J, cold cuts, Tortillas, black beans, corn and trail mix to hold us over.



Our first stop after leaving New York was Washington D.C. We had a three-hour layover, so we decided to hit the capital on foot since we weren’t able to access our bikes. We were a bit under prepared for the 80-degree plus weather and Nonetheless, our 65 liter backpacks weren’t helping one bit.



We met Frank after leaving Washington D.C. He caught us propping up video cameras on the train platform before boarding. We were heading in the same direction and once we boarded the train we had a small crew that held tight about ¾ of the trip.





In fact, navigating through the city was a breeze. Vehicles are very considerate to us cyclist making it very safe to ride. We arrived at Union Station in Portland around 4:30pm. We were anxious to build our bikes and explore. But first thing first, we needed to indulge in some real food after three days of PB&J and cold cuts.


Our first stop was UGARIT, A Mediterranean food cart. Rolling up on our bikes sort of reminded me of the Gyro food carts you’ll find around NYC. Only UGARIT’s was more authentic. He’s the only food cart that sells fresh Lamb meat in Portland, OR. We were more than happy with our dinner.


Our next stop was to hit the donut shops that the Portlanders rave about. ”Blue Star” was at the top of our list. They definitely do not disappoint with their carrot cake donuts.


Roberta and Adam who reside in the Alberta District neighborhood in Portland hosted us. The area is surrounded by shops, galleries and every kind of restaurant you can find to complement your palette. The morning of the festival we went for a ride around Alberta to check out the scene. “East To West” was being screened in the evening so that gave us plenty of time to wander.



The morning after the screening ”Velo Cult” bike shop hosted a group ride with the filmmakers. It was a good chance to meet everyone, ride, explorer Portland and get weird. We made stops at several brewers with Base Camp Brewery being among one of our favorites.



Our last days were spent exploring the city rivaling the downtown Portland food cart scene and exchanging conversations with people from all walks of life. I can say the one thing that people have in common in Portland is cycling. It’s hard to not find anyone on a bike. I think this is great because the bike then becomes a human, which opens opportunities to interesting conversations with people. Until we visit again, stay weird Portland.



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Manual Pedal Takes Red Hook Crit No.8


Good draft beer and “fast” women are usually enough draw for a big turnout to most events, but this is RHC 8 dammit! The “fast” women here can most certainly kick the ass of the average spandex clad weekend road warrior you’ll find pedaling through Central park (and the men weren’t that bad either).

The qualifying events leading up to the actual race were pretty impressive as well, to say the least. The level of intensity displayed by most contenders seemed metahuman to some degree.20150424-J4928x3264-00031 I began to imagine the clean diets and training regimens
most likely endured by these athletes for the year leading up to the race.  Definitely stands in stark contrast my leisure daily commutes and visits to Dough to wharf down an inordinate amount of pastries for “recovery”(how’s that for metahuman ability?). 20150504-friends-on-a--giro-!

Speaking of great/not so great recovery options, the Six point beer on flow from the taps were so hella’ on! I sipped my second pint filled cup as I took in the killer views of the busy Hudson river.20150424-R0135814 The cluster-fuck of patrons on hand were the usual who’s who of the cycling community mixed in with the everyday pedaling enthusiasts from across the world! The vibe was family reunion meets college campus downtime, complete with adorable toddlers meandering about and even a spontaneous hacky sac game. 20150504-friends-and-a-bike

Yep…good times were had by all!


Red Hook Crit Brooklyn No.8

The Red Hook Crit makes a stop on Brooklyn’s asphalt once every year. High speed fixed gear bike riding, sharp high speed turns, packed with tons of adrenaline and intensity. Here is video we made covering the race. Enjoy!


Dwayne took us out for a short ride to one of his favorite spots right outside his front door. He calls it his playground but we’d say it’s a place to find peace, creativity and solace.