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Missouri Roads Cycled

Riding through the southern parts of Missouri you’ll get to see lots of mountains, springs and farms. But what lies between them are the distances the earth comprises. While on my bicycle trip across country I’ve been enticed by the roads in which I traveled. They twist and turn, with some consisting of large grades and big descents that mirror a roller coaster ride at a theme park. Many of Missouri’s roads reminded me of the Cyclone at Coney Island.

Anyone who has been taken for a ride on this two-minute mechanical monster would know what I mean. Well the roads are similar in that they catapult you with your next turn being a roller section. Here are a few images on the road throughout Southern Missouri. View the entire full gallery on my portfolio here DwayneBurgessPhotography











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  1. Jon Kreykes says:

    Awesome progress Dwyane. Thanks for sharing the experience and the beauty.

    Downhill runs await you – just on the other side of the contenental divide.

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