Bikepacking New Mexico’s Valles Caldera Supervolcano​

What a trip. I can honestly say I was a bit stubborn for the first day. I rode 30 miles from Albuquerque to Kewa Pueblo where I picked up the trailhead for another 8 miles to camp. It’s been a while since having the bike fully loaded and I was exhausted. Pavement turned into dirt and dirt turned into creek hike a bike passes to get to camp. What a day, along with all the drudgery.

I was frantically paranoid of the noises outside my tent that kept me going in and out of R.E.M. sleep all night. I got everything packed to start at 6 am and I rode to the top of the hill to catch the sunrise over the ridge off in the distance. I paused for its breathless view and the pink, orange hues of the serene New Mexico dirt trail. I was excited to take on the day. It was a climb after climb into new scenic ecosystems that New Mexico offers. Rugged mountain passes that climbed 8000 feet, petrified forest burned down to the soil with trees layered down like a box of pencil across the table. The lush green forest hid me from the sun and gave me a cool fan like a breeze.

Entering the Valle Caldera on my last day was a blissful moment. Just past the gate were vast grassland that coats the Caldera floor leading into dirt/ gravel tracks that went up through the tree lines. It’s amazing how the terrain changes from grass, dirt bolder mountain peeks to unfortunate trees that didn’t make it past the fires. This was the last day, and oh a day it was.

Route & Planning

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Ridden & Written by

Dwayne Burgess (Manual Pedal)


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