Celebrating Permaculture & Bike Month in NYC

It’s May here in New York City and that’s bike month for enthusiast to ride their bikes as a means to promote alternative ways for transportation. I was thrilled to attend The New York Permaculture Meetup among many others to discuss some of the underlying issues in our city such as our bike lanes, infrastructure and street life and how we can develop regenerative was to implement the practices of permaculture in the five boroughs for a healthier, safer and sustainable system.

New York City is vastly becoming an epicenter for biking. Due to this a city providing secure roads, informational designation signs, community and resources for native New Yorkers and tourists is critical. We also discussed permaculture inspired bike tours and related projects where I had the opportunity to share my up and coming bicycle tour across the United States. It was great meeting everyone and sharing creative ideas for a more superior city.

Images: Tiffany Connects Via: The New York Permaculture Meetup








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