Colombia Gear Packing List

The best part of bike touring and bikepacking trips is rounding up gear. For me, I take time doing this and usually start a couple weeks before departure. This setup derived from past experience with gear used, over and under packing. For my first international bikepacking trip I packed half the kitchen sink. If you look at my earlier setups dating back to my 2014 first tour, you would know what I’m talking about. We project rainy days riding in the Colombian mountains so rain gear is a must. Mixed with smart wool tech shirts for hot days and my trusted 4 season Akto. I’m happy to say I have everything I need.

All items will be compartmentalized and packed in my Revelate Designs frame bag, handlebar bag, saddle bag & Osprey 18L backpack. Smaller items like food and electronics will be stored in waterproof bags and inside another bag which will be mounted to my handlebar system. I’ll do a follow up after our trip on how it performs. Chime in with a comment below if you have questions about this setup. Would love to know what some of you pack for extended international trips.

Riding Gear
Endura bike shorts, 
1 smart wool short sleeve, 
1 smart wool long sleeve, 
2 smart wool socks, 
2 pairs of underwear, 
MTB shoes, 
, Rain gear, Helmet, Cycling cap, 
Off Bike/ Casual Wear
Pants x5, 
Shorts x4, 
Socks x6, 
Under x a lot, 
Sneakers & Shoes
On Bike Gear
Tent, Sleeping Bag, Air Mattress, Camp Pillow, 
Water Bottles/ 3L Reservoir, Tools, 3x Tubes, Tire, Lock
, Pump, Patch Kit, Chain Links/ Master Link, Portable Battery Pack x2, Lithium Batteries, 
Headlamp, Bike Lights, 
Bike Lock

Passport, Driver License, Travel Insurance
, iPhone & Charger, Headphones (Not Pictured), 
Cash/ Credit Card, 
Travel Docs & Other Paperwork, 
Camera Gear, Storage Cards & Extra batteries (Not Pictured),
First Aid

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Ridden & Written by

Dwayne Burgess (Manual Pedal)



  1. Harry

    I’m sure it’s a mistake but 5 pairs of pants 4 pretty of shorts sneakers and shoes and sandals 3 tunes. Are you Tubeless? No extra sealant tire boots tape tire plugs zip ties
    Looks like a good list otherwise. I entered Belize today. Will be following along
    Good luck

    • Dwayne Burgess

      Hi Harry, thanks for the kind words. Yes, so to be clear I brought extra pairs of pants/ shorts with me to keep in a suitcase in storage after the ride was completed in Bogotá. As for tubless, no I ran inner tubes during this trip and only got 1 flat tire.

  2. Dennis

    Have fun, I wish I was going!

    • Dwayne Burgess

      Thanks Dennis. Colombia was an incredible experience to ride.

  3. Andrew Towlen

    Nice film. I’m always curious about details – less your pack list, more: how did you choose where to fly? Ship bikes or take them on the plane? Left bike boxes where? What was your route? (I’ve seen endless videos of biking down or up the road – the route itself, w/ map would be cool). What and how did you arrange transfers from where you landed to where your trip began/ended? Things you’d do differently after having done this route. Stuff like that.

    • Dwayne Burgess

      Hi Andrew. Thanks for the kind words. In terms of choosing where to fly, I always start with my interest in mind. Where do I want to ride, what do I want to see. Everything else falls into place such as culture and food. For this trip, we packed our bikes in bike bags and left them at the local bus station lockers. The cost per day was very low. But you can also use regular cardboard boxes which may be a better idea. As for route details, you can check out all my details and how I planned it out here… I hope this helps. Cheers!

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