Track Or Die NYC: 2015 Winter Alley Cat

The weather was much nicer  out during this year’s Track Or Die NYC Winter Alley Cat than last years brutal 20-degree race. Let that not be mistaken, it was an intense race. Riders were amped up, ready to get out there and hit the streets. Things started off low key and began to grow with riders once we approached the 2:30pm start time. The race was no joke with over 100 riders ready to smash the streets for the first manifest location.

I enjoy the kick off, everyone is hanging out meeting new people, seeing familiar faces and sharing the common thread. Adrenalin begins to kick in and the next thing you know your running around 100 feet to your bike. I started off ok with a location down 72nd street on the Westside, from there everyone rode uptown with traffic on Amsterdam avenue to 150th st. Being familiar with that area theres a big climb after Columbia University to around 130th st. After that checkpoint everyone did a roundabout and starting descending down Amsterdam ave. There was a swarm of riders taking it down the hill through traffic lights, nearly 30mph, fixed gear, brakeless. It’s one of the best moments ever, It’s like sharks passing through fish in the ocean, fast, fierce and aggressive.

Later in the race after clearing all the checkpoints on the first manifest we were required to stow away our phones in the second manifest (envelope). This was for riders to really put their navigation skills to the test. While I would have loved to share more images, all these were shot while racing in between check points and safe but not so safe opportunities to take a photo.


Please visit our Tumblr stream for a more photographic architecture.

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