Vermont Weekender

Vermont may very well be a bikepackers haven. It’s similar in that it shares some characteristics of Colorado’s terrain, endless miles of dirt roads, beautiful foliage, maple syrup, epic views & beer (breweries). This was a fast getaway, a weekender or training that will lead us into a bigger trip to come. George dropped the pin on Vermont about a month ago for a brewery tour. We put a route in place that led us through on/ off road corridors before ending up at Long Trail Brewery, our destination that had two cold bitter Summer Ale’s waiting upon our arrival.

Mixed up with steep climbs, long descents and hike-a-bikes through primitive woodsy areas, it was a rewarding ride. I’ll be posting more images on the Manual Pedal Instagram feed which you can find here. Each image will have detail from from beginning to end. Enjoy! And follow the Instagram Feed at ManualPedalPix for more stories and bike adventures.

Special thanks to Peter & Jimmy for hosting us for the evening along with an amazing breakfast the next morning. They are truly kind folks. If in the area reach out to them via Warm Showers.

Photo Credit: George Regus

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